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Car crash.

Auto Wrecks and Vehicle Accidents

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, there were 385,221 automobile accidents in 2018. That number has steadily increased since 2010. As Georgia’s population grows and the number of drivers rise, the risk of suffering a vehicle accident also goes up. It is almost inevitable that you or someone you love will be involved in an auto accident at some time in your life. When that happens in Henry County, or anywhere in Georgia, you need to know where to turn for assistance.

Automobile accidents routinely cause some of the most serious personal injuries. When heavy vehicles traveling at any speed collide, injuries are almost unavoidable. Seat belts, air bags and other modern safety features can lower your risk of injury. Unfortunately, nothing can completely shield you from harm in a motor vehicle accident. When a serious accident occurs, you need the professional services of Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr. The legalities and complex issues involved in a personal injury accident cannot be adequately handled alone.

Georgia Vehicle Accidents and Personal Injuries

Georgia is a huge state, covering 59,425 square miles, with approximately 124,000 miles of roadways and over 5,000 miles of railroad. When drivers make mistakes or mechanical systems fail, accidents will occur. Personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr has experience helping clients who have suffered injuries in all manner of vehicle accidents.

Darrell T. Farr has served people all over Georgia since 1991 and can provide needed counsel, guidance, legal protection and aggressive litigation. His Henry County practice routinely defends the rights and pursues compensation for clients in the following types of vehicle-related personal injury claims:

Were you injured in a Lyft accident in Henry County? Did a car hit you while crossing a street? Did a drunken driver crash into your car in Stockbridge? No matter where you suffered an auto-related personal injury in Georgia, attorney Darrell T. Farr can provide experienced and compassionate legal representation.

Experienced Georgia Negotiator and Litigator

Despite their friendly and funny commercials, insurance companies are in business to make money, not to care for their clients. In the event of an accident where your health, recovery and your family’s well-being are at stake, you need an advocate who can protect your rights and help you pursue the compensation you need to cover expenses.

Darrell T. Farr has conducted negotiations and litigation throughout the state of Georgia’s court system. He has strong working relationships with judges, clerks, insurance adjustors and other attorneys. Very often, insurance companies, or other entities at fault in an accident, will prefer to settle out of court than suffer through prolonged litigation. Darrell T. Farr can negotiate strongly for a fair and adequate settlement that will compensate you for losses sustained because of the accident.

Attorney Darrell T. Farr has served clients in Stockbridge, Henry County and all over Georgia with personal injury claims relating to vehicle accidents. He has the experience and skill to pursue your claim and gain the best possible result, either in negotiations or in court litigation. Darrell Farr will not stop advocating for you and protecting your interests once you become his client. Contact the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr today by phone, or send him a message online to schedule a consultation.

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