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Railroad Crossing Accidents Lawyer

America has always depended on rail transportation to transport goods and people. The nation boasts over 140,000 miles of track and more than 212,000 railroad crossings that intersect with vehicle roadways. The state of Georgia has over 5,000 miles of track, facilitating commerce throughout the state. This busy web of transportation has the risk of collision between trains and vehicles. Railroad crossing accidents can cause the most catastrophic injuries possible.

Federal law requires all trains to have working lights and loud horns that are to be blown as the train approaches a crossing. This is to help ensure vehicles are aware a train is approaching, even if crossing warning signals are not working correctly. Since trains take miles to come to a complete stop, even at low speeds, vehicles are required to yield the right of way and stop for approaching or passing trains.

Georgia Railroad Crossing Accident Claims

There can be times when a railroad crossing has not been properly maintained, and the warning equipment is not functioning. Railroad companies can be held liable for improper installation, care or maintenance of crossing safety equipment. Of course, railroad companies will have legal representation to protect their assets and limit liability. You should also hire competent legal assistance if you or a loved one are involved in a railroad crossing accident.

Darrell T. Farr is a Stockbridge, GA, personal injury attorney with decades of experience serving Georgia residents in Henry County and throughout the state. He has the background, training and skills to faithfully represent you and strongly pursue any right you have to compensation for your railroad crossing accident injuries. Call his office, or contact him online to arrange a consultation regarding your possible claim.

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