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Dram Shop Liability Claims Lawyer

Dram shop liability laws in Georgia apply to businesses that serve or sell alcohol to patrons and even to people serving alcohol in their home to others. If a bar, restaurant or liquor store sells or continues to serve alcohol to a patron who has clearly had too much, and that person then leaves and causes a drunk driving accident, the bar, restaurant, store, or private citizen who served them can also be held responsible for the automobile accident. These laws are to encourage businesses and others to be responsible in the serving of alcoholic beverages and to prevent accidents.

Proving a store, bar or restaurant shares the responsibility for a later accident can be tricky. So why would anyone want to pursue a dram shop liability lawsuit? There are two reasons. First, those responsible for contributing to an accident should be held to account. Second, personal injury expenses and other costs typically exceed the amounts provided by insurance. Responsible business owners can be sued in order for them to share the burden of financial responsibility for the accident.

GA Dram Shop Liability Lawsuits

Georgia dram shop laws require proof of certain factors before a person or business can be held liable for a later accident. These factors are:

  1. The person drinking was clearly past their limit and intoxicated, but they were still served alcohol.
  2. The person drinking was likely to attempt to drive a vehicle while still intoxicated.
  3. Providing the person an excessive amount of alcohol was the “proximate cause” of the accident.

These factors can be more difficult to establish and prove than you may realize. That is why, if you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, and it is suspected another person or business over-served them alcohol, you need the experienced legal services of Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr.

Darrel T. Farr has the knowledge, skill and experience to investigate and pursue these types of cases to protect your rights and fight for possible compensation for your injuries. Call or contact him online today to schedule a consultation.

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