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Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyer

When a consumer purchases insurance coverage, a written policy is issued that outlines the specific limits of the insured’s coverage. This includes how much the insurance company will pay in the event of a claim after an auto wreck. When an insurance company refuses to honor their obligations to pay a claim or makes unreasonable delays in handling a claim, the insurance company is said to have acted in “bad faith.”

Under Georgia state law, insurance companies who act in bad faith can be taken to court in a bad faith insurance claim. Henry County lawyer, Darrell T. Farr, is an experienced bad faith insurance claim lawyer, serving Stockbridge and the entire state of Georgia. If you believe your insurance company is dragging their feet, or they have refused to settle your claim, you have the legal right to pursue compensation through the Georgia legal system.

Georgia Law and Insurance Fraud

The Georgia Supreme Court issued a clarified ruling on bad faith insurance claims on March 11, 2019. This came in response to the case of Hughes v. First Acceptance Ins. Co. of Ga., 343 Ga. App. 693 (808 SE2d 103) (2017). The Court declared insurance companies can be held liable for acting in bad faith if they reject a legitimate claim settlement offer. The offer must be made by the plaintiff, as the insurance company is not obligated to extend a settlement offer.

As you can see, bad faith insurance claims can be complicated and complex, requiring the skilled and knowledgeable services of a legal professional, like attorney Darrell T. Farr. If your insurance company has rejected a fair settlement offer for your personal injury claim after an accident, you may have grounds to pursue matters in court. Call or send an online message to Darrell T. Farr to schedule a confidential consultation today.

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