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Speeding Accidents Injury Lawyer

There’s something about guiding a car down an open road at exhilarating speeds that make many people ignore speed limits and press down the accelerator. Or perhaps when traveling on a tight schedule, there is simply no time to waste behind slow moving vehicles. Whatever the justification, speeding is against the law, and speeding accidents are no joke. In fact, speeding killed 9,717 people across the United States in 2017.

In Georgia alone, 70% of vehicle accident fatalities are the result of unsafe driving behaviors, one of which is speeding. Vehicles made of metal going along the roadways at excessive speeds are nothing more than tools of destruction. Those who survive speeding accidents are likely to suffer horrific, even permanent injuries, due to the massive forces involved in a high-speed collision.

Georgia Super Speeders and the Law

Beginning in 2010, Georgia defines driving over 75 miles per hour (mph) on two-lane roads and over 85 mph on major highways as “Super Speeding.” In an effort to deter speeding, the penalties for such speeding violations are stiff. Each “Super Speeder” offense warrants two points against a driving record, and penalty fees were increased by $200. Additionally, once a “Super Speeder” has amassed 15 points within a two-year period, their driver’s license is automatically revoked.
Henry County personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr is an experienced attorney who has served the needs of Georgia residents for almost 30 years. He possesses the skill and knowledge of Georgia laws to protect your rights and pursue a claim for damages in the event of a personal injury from a speeding accident. Speeding is no laughing matter, and your recovery and well-being are his top priority.

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