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Car crash.

Multiple Vehicle Accident Injury Lawyer

When many vehicles are using the same roadway and all are traveling at a moderate speed, only one mistake can cause a catastrophic multiple vehicle accident. When more vehicles are involved, the risks of sustaining a personal injury correspondingly rises. Like with most car accidents, the adrenaline rush produced by the body can mask injury symptoms, causing motorists to delay medical treatment. Sometimes, accident injuries do not become evident until days or even weeks later.

Multiple vehicle accidents can tax medical responders to the limit, with large numbers of seriously injured victims needing immediate treatment. Sometimes this can cause accident victims with only slight injuries to reject medical treatment on the scene in order to allow medical technicians to service the more seriously wounded. Such actions may seem admirable, but they can be a mistake. No matter your level of injury, you should always be examined as soon as possible by competent medical personnel.

Professional Legal Representation in Henry County, GA

Sorting out liability issues in a multiple vehicle accident can be difficult. A complicating factor can be injuries that surface or are discovered later. It takes a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer to defend your rights and help you pursue compensation in such circumstances. Stockbridge attorney Darrell T. Farr has served Henry County and Georgia residents with personal injuries since 1991. He has the necessary experience and skill to handle confusing, multiple vehicle accidents with conflicting liability issues and delayed injury discoveries.

For sound, professional, experienced and compassionate legal representation in Stockbridge and all across Georgia, contact the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr. From his Henry County office, he pursues compensation and protects the rights of residents all over Georgia. Don’t make the mistake of simply choosing the closest attorney when you need assistance. Call or send an online message to attorney Darrell T. Farr today.

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