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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Lawsuit Injury Lawyer

The Georgia Department of Community Health’s (DCH) provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services for Medicaid members and their escorts to receive necessary medical services. Under this program, NEMT is considered to be a ride-share program. NEMT vendors (only two currently serve the state of Georgia) use various modes of transport, including handicap accessible vans and cars.

These vendors are contracted by the state of Georgia but hire their own drivers and other personnel. As with any mode of transportation, accidents can happen due to negligence. Equipment failure or improper use, loading or unloading accidents, or even vehicle crashes can occur. NEMT vendors are required to carry insurance to cover accidents, but it may be necessary to hire the services of an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney, like Darrell T. Farr, to protect your rights and pursue adequate compensation.

Georgia Personal Injury Lawsuits

The Law Office of Darrel T. Farr in Stockbridge, GA, can handle complicated personal injury claims involving a NEMT vendor in the event of negligence or an accident. Darrell T. Farr has the experience and training to negotiate and argue your case before the courts, if necessary. He will strive to protect your rights and pursue your interests in the most professional manner.

Just because a NEMT vendor is affiliated with the state of Georgia does not mean you cannot pursue compensation to cover your medical expenses resulting from the accident. All too often, insurance coverage falls woefully short of meeting all the necessary medical costs after an accident. Darrell T. Farr can provide the professional legal advice and representation you need.

Residents of Henry County and other areas of Georgia can trust the experience and seasoned skills of personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr. If you were involved in an accident that caused a personal injury while under the care of Georgia NEMT personnel, call his office or send an online message through this website. Schedule a confidential legal consultation about your options.

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