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John Doe Accident Lawsuit Claims Lawyer

The name “John Doe” is routinely used in all manner of legal documents to represent an unknown person who was involved in an incident but is unable to be identified. The person really exists, but no one can discover their identity. A John Doe accident is caused by or involves an unknown person who usually flees the scene. This happens because they do not know they caused an automobile accident or are wishing to escape responsibility.

For example, a Henry County driver is stopped in traffic with the intention of turning left and is waiting for oncoming vehicles to clear. The motorist immediately behind them pulls into a parking lot on the right to escape the traffic blockage. A third motorist sees this too late and collides with the first car that was waiting to turn left. The second motorist leaving the scene escapes injury and doesn’t even realize he or she caused an accident. In the collision report, this driver is known as John Doe because he or she cannot be identified.

Pursuing a Georgia Accident Claim Against John Doe

Obviously, the driver only known as John Doe contributed to the accident, although they were not directly involved, nor did they collide with any other vehicle. In such cases, a plaintiff can pursue a John Doe accident claim against their uninsured motorist insurance carrier. However, insurance companies are known to fight vehemently against such claims. Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr can help you pursue a claim against other drivers and insurance companies to try to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries.

In complicated legal battles like these, you need the professional services of an experienced personal injury attorney like Darrell Farr. He has served the residents of Henry County and the state of Georgia since 1991 and is pleased to pursue justice and protect the rights of his clients. If you were involved in a vehicle accident with a John Doe driver, call (404) 964-6056, or send a message through this website to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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