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Car crash.

Private Person Transport Wrecks Injury Lawyer

Many Georgia residents elect to use other modes of transportation to avoid driving themselves. A popular option is private person transport. The more popular forms are taxis, shuttles and limousines. These methods of travel are handy. Simply call or use an app to arrange a ride for a certain time, and relax while someone else worries about traffic and schedules. Limousines are especially popular modes of travel for student dances and proms when participants like to dress and travel with extravagance.

Private person transport operators are regulated by the state of Georgia, as well as by most local municipalities, and all are required to carry appropriate insurance. However, negligence and accidents can happen at any time, causing personal injuries to innocent riders. When such a tragedy occurs, the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr in Stockbridge, GA, can provide legal counsel and representation to protect your rights and pursue possible compensation for your injuries.

GA Taxi, Shuttle and Limousine Accidents

Professional drivers, the private person transport company, or other drivers may be at fault in a private person transport accident. Each insurance company will have competent legal representation to protect their interests and limit liability. As a victim in such an accident, you cannot leave your future and welfare to chance. You need to hire an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer to pursue your right to compensation and protect your rights.

Darrell T. Farr has served Georgia residents since 1991, and his Henry County practice is known for sound, professional legal services. Don’t settle for an attorney simply because you saw their ad on TV. Choose a lawyer with almost 30 years of experience, having practiced personal injury law in every Georgia legal jurisdiction. Call the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr at (404) 964-6056, or message him online for more information about a personal injury claim.

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