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Distracted Driver Accidents Injury Lawyer

Distracted driving is illegal in the state of Georgia. While texting and driving is likely the most popularly known form of distracted driving, drivers can be distracted by a host of other activities that can cause automobile accidents. Some of these include eating, reading a map, applying makeup, talking to others in the vehicle and watching videos. Legally, anything that distracts your full attention from the task of driving a vehicle can be classified as distracted driving.

Georgia law makes three distinctions between the kinds of things that can become a driving distraction. They are:

  • Visual distractions – This is something you see while driving that captures your attention.
  • Manual distractions – This is actively doing something else while driving. Eating, reading or adjusting the stereo, etc.
  • Cognitive distractions – This is something that can still distract you, even while you look straight ahead and keep your hands on the steering wheel. An example would be talking on a hands-free phone device.

No matter the type or origin of the distraction, when a driver’s attention is not fully focused on driving, they are placing themselves and others at a terrible risk.

Georgia Distracted Driver Accident Representation

Attorney Darrell T. Farr is a personal injury attorney based in Stockbridge, GA, who can provide the legal assistance and representation you need in the event of a distracted driver accident. He has the skill and experience necessary to protect your rights and carry out a personal injury claim to fight for compensation for your injuries. At times, there may be more than one person or entity at fault, and Darrell T. Farr can adequately represent your interests before them and the Georgia courts, if necessary.

If you or someone close to you becomes involved in a distracted driving car accident and suffers personal injuries, Darrell T. Farr is a compassionate and fair personal injury attorney with years of experience serving the residents of Henry County and Georgia. Call or send him a message today to schedule a prompt, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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