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Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits Blog

Were You Injured by a Defective Product?

Defective Product Lawyer Stockbridge GA

Whether it was a small toy or a large vehicle, when you purchase a product, you expect it to operate as claimed and not cause harm. Unfortunately, the market is full of products that are defective and result in unfortunate injury to the buyer. Some of these defective product injuries can be quite serious. Therefore,…

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Victim of Personal Injury Accident? Know What You May Be Entitled To

Personal Injury

A personal injury accident refers to cases in which a person has been injured due to someone else’s carelessness. Whether it was a car accident, dog bite or medication error, personal injury lawsuits require the help of an experienced attorney to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. It’s easy to assume that personal injury…

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Involved in a Hit-and-Run? Here’s What You Should Do

Car Accident Attorney Stockbridge GA

Motor vehicle accidents can be frightening, but when they involve a “hit-and-run” scenario, they can be particularly devastating on many levels. When a motorist collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist and proceeds to leave the scene without stopping, it is considered a hit-and-run. Those injured in a hit-and-run accident are often left panic-stricken and…

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Why Your Truck Driver Accident Needs a Skilled Lawyer

American trucks on the highway.

Any time you are involved in a motor vehicle accident is terrifying, but when it involves a commercial truck, or tractor trailer,  the emotions and damages are significantly intensified. The legal process surrounding commercial truck accidents can also be quite complex. To help you navigate your truck accident case and accurately determine the responsible party,…

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Nursing Home Abuse and Choking

Elderly Abuse Stockbridge GA

Abuse and neglect happen far too often in a nursing home setting, as these patients don’t always have the cognitive or physical ability to stand up for themselves when they are mistreated. While there are many different types of elder abuse, choking is quite prevalent. Choking can involve a resident being choked or more commonly,…

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Dog Bite Injuries: What to Expect When Taking Legal Action

Dog Attack Claims Lawyer Stockbridge GA

It is common to assume that another person’s dog is as friendly as your own. In fact, under Georgia law, dogs are considered harmless. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. One of the most common injuries to children involve animal attacks or dog bites. If you or your loved one was injured by a dog,…

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Understanding Premises Liability

Accidents happen. Unfortunately, accidents and personal injury don’t always occur on your own property. In many cases, injury (or even death) can occur in an office, someone else’s home, a restaurant or bar, hotel, recreational facility, amusement park or retail center. Premises liability laws can offer the coverage you may need if you are injured…

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Are You Entitled to Worker’s Comp After Your Auto Accident?

Car Accident Stockbridge GA

Will your car accident cause you to miss work, lose wages or be out of a job? Not necessarily. While not all car accidents can be deemed work-related, the number of these types of automobile accidents is certainly on the rise, especially when considering the increasing demands for private transportation and delivery services by today’s…

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Medication Errors From Your Provider: Do You Have a Claim?

Medication Stockbridge GA

Over the past decade, the use of prescription medication has continued to rise. In fact, a study published by Mayo Clinic reports that nearly 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. The same study shows that 20% of Americans are on five or more medications. When used correctly, these are medications that are prescribed to keep…

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Injured by a Motorcyclist? Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Traffic accident between a car and a motorcycle.

You were recently injured in an accident involving a negligent motorcycle driver. You have documentation that shows you were harmed, and the claim seems fairly straightforward. Shouldn’t you be able to bypass a lawyer and fight the motorcycle accident case by yourself? After all, the Internet is a bottomless source of information to help you…

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