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Medical Malpractice Claims Stockbridge GA

When we are sick or in pain, we seek a medical provider or physician for help. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the correct diagnosis and treatment that our body needs to recover or get relief. When a misdiagnosis leads to worsening pain or irreversible consequences, it may be time to consider medical malpractice. In some cases, a misdiagnosis can be fatal.

It is important to know that just because your doctor gave you a misdiagnosis doesn’t automatically qualify your situation for medical malpractice. There are things that must be proven to accuse the physician of negligence. An excellent first step is investigating “differential diagnosis”.

What is Differential Diagnosis?

Differential diagnosis is a term used to the method that all physicians are required to use when making a diagnosis with a patient. It simply involves making a list of all possible diagnoses in order of probability and conducting the necessary tests and evaluations to eliminate each diagnosis from the list until the correct one is left.

Proving that your doctor or medical professional was negligent to use or follow differential diagnosis which led to your misdiagnosis can mean you are entitled to compensation from a medical malpractice claim. A skilled personal injury lawyer can work to prove the following:

  • A diagnosis list was never created
  • The correct diagnosis was not on the list
  • Tests to prove the correct diagnosis were not performed
  • Tests were not administered properly or there was a laboratory error

In cases of a correct differential diagnosis method but testing error, your claim may be against a lab tech or other party instead of your physician. Regardless, your medical malpractice claim may demand the help of an experienced lawyer to ensure you are fairly compensated for your wrong diagnosis and the consequences you’ve suffered as a result.

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Stockbridge

If you were misdiagnosed and have experienced lasting symptoms or pain due to your physician’s negligence, let us help. Schedule your consult at the office of Darrell T. Farr in Stockbridge so that we can explain your options for legal action.

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