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Kids at School

It’s the beginning of a new school year, which means new teachers, classes and friends. However, for some, it could also mean an injury or accident. Some accidents are just that, an accident. Others that could have been prevented may mean the school or school district is liable for the injuries your child sustained. How do you know?

Slips, Trips and Falls

Any property is susceptible to slips and falls, including schools. And just like other properties, the most common areas for slips and falls are the corridors, stairways and bathrooms. School personnel should be extra vigilant about spills and other factors that can cause these types of injuries.

Injuries on the Playground

Playgrounds are notorious for causing injuries, but many of them are preventable with proper supervision, so that children use the play equipment as it was intended. However, there are often too few supervisors for the size of the playground or the number of children. Those supervisors may be distracted.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries at school are not unexpected, at least those familiar to the sport you are playing. Sustaining injuries outside of those that are most likely is a sign of a bigger problem. These problems could be poorly maintained sports equipment or the field itself, a lack of supervision during practice or a game or inadequate coaching.

Fights and Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying has become more common in our schools, and it has led to more fights and “schoolyard” violence in recent decades. Schools have a responsibility to notice signs of bullying or violence and take proper action to prevent or correct it. If the school has been found negligent in these responsibilities, they may also be liable for the outcome.

Bus Stops and Transportation

Schools and school districts are responsible for the safety of students even away from the campus. Most often, this is while the students are on the bus or while at bus stops. Driver error or dangerous crosswalks can be potential hazards for students and put them at risk. Parents should know their children are safe even during transportation to and from school.

If your child has been injured while at school, you probably have a lot of questions. Before answering questions from the school, school district, their insurance company or their legal team, you should ask some questions of your own. Contact Darrell T. Farr for a free consultation today.

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