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When booking a hotel and traveling away from home, you trust you’ll stay in a safe and secure place. Unfortunately, there are several ways that a hotel can be deemed negligent in providing this expected and necessary level of safety on their premises. Whether it is a poorly lit corridor or a broken stair step, hotel guests can suffer injury and serious harm due to these unsafe premises and hotel operation negligence.

Duty of Care to Protect Hotel Guests

As a hotel guest, you are considered an “invitee” under premises liability law. Therefore, you are legally entitled to a superior amount of protection from the hotel to which you are paying. Not only must the hotel maintain grounds that are in reasonably safe condition, but they must also offer adequate security against unwanted intruders and criminals. In short, hotel management and operators owe a duty of care to protect their guests.

Types of Preventable Hazards at a Hotel

A hotel can be held liable for a hotel guest’s injuries when they fail to take reasonable measures to protect their guests by maintaining the premises and repairing any dangerous conditions and/or foreseeable hazards. Preventable hotel hazards can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Poorly lit corridors, stairwells or parking lot
  • Damages or spills that lead to slip and fall injury
  • Unmonitored or inadequate security cameras
  • Outmanned security staff
  • Negligent hiring (employee hired without background check, etc.)

Do You Have a Hotel Premises Liability Case?

To hold a hotel accountable for injuries that occurred on their premises, the injured guest must prove the hotel acted negligently in specific ways. An experienced Premises Liability Lawyer can help the guest prove the following:

  • The guest was invited on the premises as a paying customer
  • The hotel owed a standard duty of reasonable care to the guest
  • The hotel breached that duty of care
  • The hotel’s breach duty caused the guest’s injury

Did you or a loved one suffer an injury at a hotel? Let Attorney Darrell Farr help determine if you can hold the hotel liable for your suffering. Darrell T. Farr understands hotel premises liability and how to help guests that were victims of crime or injury on the hotel property. Contact our Stockbridge firm today.

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