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Traffic accident between a car and a motorcycle.

You were recently injured in an accident involving a negligent motorcycle driver. You have documentation that shows you were harmed, and the claim seems fairly straightforward. Shouldn’t you be able to bypass a lawyer and fight the motorcycle accident case by yourself? After all, the Internet is a bottomless source of information to help you navigate the process.

Not so fast! If you intend to win your case against a negligent motorcyclist, a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney is a safer and wiser choice. When it comes to the complexity of Georgia law surrounding personal injury cases, proceeding solo or with a “DIY approach” is not always best.

Here are some leading benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney to fight your motorcycle accident case:

  1. Proper Collection of Evidence
    While you may have the medical bills and police report that documents that you were physically harmed by a certain motorcyclist on a particular day, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to collecting evidence. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help recover a broad range of details surrounding your motorcycle accident, including the type of weather and time of day as well as whether there were witnesses or security cameras near the scene. There may be many pieces of evidence needed to prove the motorcyclist was negligent.
  2. Meeting Deadlines
    It can be extremely difficult to know and keep up with the many deadlines that a lawyer must meet when proceeding with a claim against a motorcycle driver. This includes filing within the Georgia statute of limitations and knowing what exceptions may apply to your case. A skilled attorney understands these deadlines and can ensure you don’t miss important steps in the legal process.
  3. Knowledge and Experience
    The law is often more complicated than you may think. It is important to have a knowledgeable and seasoned lawyer when it comes to navigating your motorcycle accident case, whether it involves a strong representation in court or advocating your rights outside of the courtroom. Lawyers undergo years of formal education to learn the law, and there is no substitute for prior experience.
  4. Backed by a Team
    If you attempt to represent yourself in a motorcycle personal injury case, you’ll be missing out on the team of professionals that assists a qualified lawyer. Most personal injury attorneys are backed by a team of investigators that conduct thorough research and stay prepared to consider the small details of your case that could have a notable impact on its outcome. In short, there are strength in numbers, and this can be a significant benefit when advocating your case.
  5. Accurate Calculation of Damages
    It is also important to have a personal injury lawyer who can accurately determine a cost for your losses and damages. There are many things (other than medical bills and car repair expenses) that can contribute to your overall loss. Internet calculation tools cannot take into account the specific damages that were incurred in your case like a personal injury lawyer can and will do.

Ready to hire a personal injury who is committed to motorcycle accident victims? Call Darrell T. Farr today.

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