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Victims of Crimes or Criminal Acts Lawyer

Violent crimes or criminal acts occur throughout Georgia; on an average of over 38,000 per year. Even when these criminals are brought to justice, the physical, emotional and mental scars from the trauma they caused can last for years. Also, most criminal types have no means by which to help with paying medical expenses or other damages for their victims. Insurance companies provide only limited coverages that do not take long to exhaust with today’s high-priced healthcare.

So, how do victims of crimes or criminal acts find the resources to begin putting their lives back together? They turn to experienced personal injury attorneys like Darrell T. Farr in Henry County. Backed by almost 30 years of Georgia personal injury law experience, Mr. Farr can investigate your incident to find other parties who may have been partially responsible for your injuries. By pursuing a premises liability lawsuit against liable property owners where the crime was committed, you may be able to recover the resources you need for medical costs, wage losses and other damages.

Georgia Premises Liability Negligence Claims

Stockbridge personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr can provide the counsel and legal representation you need when you have suffered an injury from violent crimes or criminal acts, like:

  • Muggings, car jackings and other assaults
  • Sexual assaults; including rapes
  • Shootings, stabbings, and robberies
  • Assaults in bars and entertainment venues
  • Home invasion, burglaries and robberies
  • Police misconduct or use of excessive force

Recovering financial compensation for crime victims is one of the most difficult aspects of personal injury law, due to the multitude of factors that can be in play. If you or a loved one are the victim of a violent crime or criminal act, retain the professional legal services of Henry County lawyer Darrell T. Farr. He can provide advice and answer your questions regarding the possibility of a premises liability lawsuit to recover your losses.

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