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Swimming Pool Accidents Injury Lawyer

Enjoying a cool swim is a pleasant pastime in hot summer months, but unfortunately swimming pool accidents and drowning accidents occur far too often in Georgia. In fact, the Peach State is one of the top five states for drowning fatalities, and drowning deaths are rising annually. Accidents resulting from poor supervision, attractive nuisance or improper pool safety measures, are classic negligence cases that fall under premises liability laws.

Swimming pool accidents can also cause serious harm, such as oxygen deprivation or other submersion injuries. Shallow water diving can result in serious traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries or paralysis. Many of these injuries will require ongoing medical care that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr can explain your legal options if you or your child suffered a swimming pool accident.

Legal Help for Georgia Premises Liability Drowning Lawsuits

Swimming pools pose an additional liability risk to all Henry County pool owners. Georgia law considers swimming pools to be an “attractive nuisance” to children. Because young children do not possess a mature decision-making capacity, they require protection from gaining access and accidentally falling into your pool. Therefore, pool owners can be held liable if a child accesses their pool and becomes injured or drowns, if the pool is not protected by a cover, locked fence or other safety measure.

As you may imagine, how premises liability laws apply to swimming pool accidents can vary according to many different scenarios. It takes a seasoned attorney with years of personal injury experience to adequately, and successfully, pursue a claim concerning swimming accidents. Henry County lawyer Darrell T. Farr possesses almost three decades of experience in every Georgia legal jurisdiction.

His reputation for serving the Stockbridge community and all the residents of Georgia is built on compassion, experience and a relentless pursuit of his clients’ right to compensation for their losses. If you or your child suffered a swimming pool or drowning accident, contact the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr in Stockbridge, GA, today.

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