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Speeding Trucks Accident Injury Lawyer

Speed limits are set by federal, state and local statutes as a means of promoting safe driving and protecting motorists. They are not set arbitrarily. Modern speed limits are the result of scientific testing and research that involved all manner of vehicles traveling at different speeds and in various conditions. Convenience and safety are equitably balanced for the good of every motorist.

That is why drivers will often notice a slower speed limit for large trucks than for passenger automobiles. In certain conditions, speeding trucks cannot be handled safely or stopped in time to permit safe driving and may result in a trucking accident. Therefore, commercial trucks are sometimes restricted to a lower, safer speed. Even when the limits are the same for commercial trucks and personal cars, the limits are not suggestions for our consideration. They are the legal limits of safe speed.

Henry County Trucking Accident Attorney

The commercial trucking industry makes its money by delivering goods from one place to another quickly and safely, for a profit. Competition among these companies is understandably high. If company A can transport products safely but faster than company B, and at an equal or better price, company A will most likely be chosen. Consequently, accidents involving speeding trucks in Georgia happen frequently. However, driving a heavy commercial truck above the legal speed limit constitutes negligent behavior.

Such drivers, and sometimes the companies that allow or encourage speeding drivers, can be held responsible in the event of an accident that causes injuries or fatalities. Stockbridge personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr is an experienced legal professional who has served the residents of Georgia since 1991. You can trust your speeding truck personal injury claim will be handled efficiently and tactfully. Contact our office today to arrange a confidential consultation about your trucking accident.

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