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Overloaded Trucks Accident Injury Lawyer

The laws of Georgia, as well as federal regulations, provide weight restrictions for tractor-trailer trucks driving through and within the state. The maximum gross weight on two or three axles is the number of axles multiplied by 20,340 pounds. For four axles, the maximum gross weight is 70,000 pounds, and for five axles, the maximum gross weight is 80,000 pounds. Any vehicle exceeding these weight limits requires a special permit. Sometimes this is necessary to facilitate the movement of odd or oversized items.

While any accident involving a large commercial truck can be serious, an accident with an overweight or overloaded truck poses a much higher risk for catastrophic results. When a truck is over its weight limit, there is a greater risk of a mechanical failure, tire failure or a rollover crash. Also, the driver is more likely to lose control of the vehicle when attempting to avoid a collision. Moreover, overloaded trucks are also prone to have improperly secured cargo. This only increases the danger of falling debris or losing a load while moving at high speed, causing tremendous injuries or loss of life.

Commercial Trucking Negligence Lawsuits in GA

Any time a commercial truck is purposely overloaded outside of a special permit situation, this is gross negligence and willful misconduct. Not only are those responsible breaking federal and state laws, but they are also endangering the driver and other people traveling along their path. While this may seem unheard of, sadly, it happens all too often. Trucking companies will sometimes try to haul as much freight as possible to earn just a bit more profit.

Truck drivers and trucking companies that willfully overload a truck and cause an accident that results in personal injuries to innocent people should be held accountable for such actions. Stockbridge attorney Darrell T. Farr is an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who will battle relentlessly to protect your rights and win you the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other losses. Contact our Henry County law office today, and schedule a meeting to discuss your possible claim.

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