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Flatbed Truck Accidents Lawsuit Lawyer

All manner of freight items are carried throughout Georgia and the nation by trucks. Many items are too large, heavy or irregularly shaped to fit easily into a standard box trailer or container. These items must be carried on a flatbed truck. Sometimes, these items are over height and/or weight limits for normal commercial truck loads and require special permits to allow them to be transported over the roadways. No matter the cargo, it must be securely tied down to the load bed to prevent shifting or falling off.

Hauling flatbed truck loads can be different than pulling a standard box trailer or container. Occasionally a driver may forget the type of load he or she is carrying requires special attention. Over height loads have been pulled underneath low bridges. Over-weight loads have been pulled around steep turns at too high speed. Odd loads have not been checked periodically for stability and have shifted or become loose.

In these or other scenarios, negligence has contributed to flatbed truck accidents that have caused serious injuries to nearby motorists. Victims seriously, or fatally, injured in flatbed truck accidents may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses through a personal injury negligence lawsuit with Henry County attorney Darrell T. Farr.

Georgia Commercial Trucking Negligence Lawsuits

Drivers who pull all manner of loads on flatbed trailers must take the necessary precautions to keep their loads safe, secure and under control. When something is forgotten or overlooked and an injury accident is the result, this is negligence. The truck driver and/or trucking company may be liable for damages. For more information or with help filing a commercial trucking accident personal injury claim, contact Stockbridge lawyer Darrell T. Farr. He will be happy to review your possible case.

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