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Dog Bite Injuries to Children Lawsuit Claims Lawyer

Georgia law that governs dog bites also covers injuries caused by other animals. According to the law, the injured party must prove the following in order to have grounds for a dog bite injury claim:

  • The animal is dangerous.
  • The owner was careless with the animal or let it run free without restraint.
  • The injured person did not provoke the animal.

If you can prove the above in the incident during which your child was injured, you have legal grounds to file a lawsuit for compensation. Henry County attorney Darrell T. Farr can provide legal counsel and experienced representation for your family in the event your child has suffered a dog bite or other animal-related injury.

A bite is not the only way a child can become injured by an animal. A large dog can knock a child to the ground, causing injury, or a horse can become excited and step on or kick a child, causing an animal-related injury. If your child suffered an injury where an animal was involved, Darrell T. Farr can investigate your claim for a possible dog bite injury or animal injury lawsuit.

Henry County Dog Attacks

Your experienced Henry County dog bite lawyer can investigate your claim and gather evidence before time erases what has actually happened. The more evidence that can be obtained, the stronger your case will be before the courts. Dog bites or other animal-related injuries can be severe, causing lasting physical and mental trauma.

Medical treatments for such injuries can easily multiply to incredible amounts, far beyond what insurance coverage can pay. Your only recourse to provide what is needed to treat your child’s injuries may be a dog bite injury lawsuit. Stockbridge personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr can advise you of your options in a confidential consultation. Contact us today to schedule yours as soon as possible.

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