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Daycare Neglect Injury Claims Lawyer

Many Georgia families find it necessary for both parents to work, and daycare becomes a necessity. Attending daycare is a tremendous opportunity for children to build needed social skills, learn independence and make friendships. Because they are charged with our most precious resource, daycares are under strict regulation. However, many children are injured at daycare each year.

Sadly, many of these are neglect injuries that could have been prevented. With the proliferation of wireless personal devices like cellphones and tablets, it is all too easy for daycare workers to become distracted while children wander into unsafe environments or behave irresponsibly. Burns occur from too-hot playground equipment and children are left in hot, airless vehicles because of neglect.

When these or other questionable accidents occur and cause serious injury, don’t hesitate. Seek immediate medical attention for your child and as soon as possible, call the Stockbridge office of personal injury attorney Darrel T. Farr for legal representation. Daycare neglect injuries are serious matters, and you will need legal advice and counsel.

Stockbridge, GA Child Injury Attorney

Under Georgia law, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years. However, there is an important caveat when a child is injured. When an injury to a child is involved, the statute of limitations does not begin until the child turns eighteen. Therefore, the claims must be brought before the child’s 20th birthday.

When a child has incurred medical expenses, the parents have the right to bring an action for the medical expenses that the child will accrue until he or she reaches 18 years of age. This means a legal claim against the daycare and/or any responsible parties should be filed as soon as possible after the child is injured.

If your child suffered an injury at daycare and you suspect negligence or even that deliberate action was involved, contact Henry County personal injury lawyer Darrel T. Farr to arrange a private consultation to discuss your case.

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