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Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Violations Lawsuit Lawyer

The nationwide reach of the commercial trucking industry makes it necessary to have a Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) that governs every aspect of trucking, including drug and alcohol testing, vehicle marking, hours of service, mandated rest and maintenance. These and many other federal guidelines are spelled out in the CFR, Title 49: Transportation. Georgia and other states also have guidelines that mirror or require extra mandates beyond the federal codes.

Due to the severity of trucking accidents and to protect all roadway users, the Code of Federal Regulations violations are taken seriously by the law. In most states, including Georgia, these violations are considered negligence. This means that a truck accident causing personal injuries due to a driver’s failure to follow federal or state safety codes constitutes negligent behavior, and as such, is open to personal injury lawsuits.

While the trucking violation that caused the accident may be a federal violation, a civil suit for damages can be levied against the driver, his/her employer or other potentially liable entities in an effort to recover compensation for damages. Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr can explain your possible options in a confidential consultation.

Quality Legal Representation for Stockbridge Truck Accidents

The level of complexity inherent in a trucking accident is already high. Adding Code of Federal Regulations violations into the mix only makes things even more complicated. Not many lawyers will possess the training or experience with Georgia law and federal trucking regulations that will allow them to provide adequate legal counsel or support. Hiring just any local lawyer is not your best choice.

Henry County personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr has served the legal needs of Georgia residents since 1991. In almost 30 years, he has gained the knowledge, skills, relationships and experience that enable him to provide superior legal representation to personal injury clients in all manner of circumstances. This includes Code of Federal Regulations violations that cause personal injury accidents. Contact our Stockbridge office today to schedule a private meeting to discuss your case.

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