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Choking Negligence Claims Lawyer

When you entrust the care of a loved one to a nursing home, it is with the full and fair expectation that your loved one’s needs will be met, and they will receive adequate, compassionate care. In fact, nursing homes regularly advertise they provide such care to their residents. Sadly, in too many instances, this is not the case. Neglect is a common malaise of Georgia nursing homes and a dangerous result of negligence is a heightened risk of choking.

Some nursing home residents require active assistance with eating, even requiring a caregiver to cut their food into appropriately sized bites. If care is not taken, or the caregiver becomes impatient, the resident could choke on a bite of food that is too large. Even residents who are able to feed themselves may need assistance from time to time to prevent choking. Stockbridge nursing home residents who already struggle with health issues could easily choke to death in a short time if help is not immediately available.

Henry County Nursing Home Choking Lawsuits

Not every instance of choking is a result of neglect, but every case should be questioned and investigated. A pattern of choking could indicate a previously undiagnosed medical condition that needs treatment. Repeated instances of choking could also indicate neglect on the part of nursing home staff. The health and well-being of your loved one is too important to just let it pass. If you suspect these choking instances are indicative of neglect, contact Henry County personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr.

Nursing homes that are guilty of neglectful treatment must be held accountable for their actions. By retaining attorney Darrell Farr to pursue a nursing home neglect lawsuit on behalf of your loved one, you could prevent serious injury from happening to other residents, as well as protecting your loved one. If neglect is indeed behind your loved one’s pattern of choking or death was a result of choking from neglect, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your loss. Contact personal injury lawyer Darrell T. Farr today for a private consultation.

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