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Assaults and Shootings Injury Claims Lawyer

Assaults and shootings can occur randomly and at any location, including within Henry County. But some areas are more likely for such crimes to happen. Buildings with poor lighting, dark sidewalks or alleys, unlocked stairwells and other similar places, are ideal hiding places for those seeking to commit mayhem. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to keep their properties safe for guests and visitors. This should certainly include guarded or locked entryways and well-lit walkways.

If you or someone you love suffered from an assault or shooting and the perpetrator was hiding nearby in concealment, the property owner or manager in question could be held responsible for injuries. Stockbridge personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr can review your case and gather evidence to see if the property owner or manager’s negligence contributed to your attack and subsequent injuries.

Henry County Violent Assault Lawsuits

Often, it takes a violent assault personal injury lawsuit before property owners take the appropriate measures to keep visitors and guests on their premises safe. Being held responsible for the injuries of an innocent victim and the resulting requirement to pay a large financial penalty to the victim, is a stern reminder of their responsibilities as a property owner under Georgia law.

If you or a loved one was a victim of a violent assault or shooting and you believe a property owner could be partly to blame, call the Law Office of Darrell T. Farr in Henry County. Mr. Farr has the experience and knowledge of the law to defend your rights and pursue a personal injury claim for compensation. Don’t let those responsible for your injuries get by without consequences. Schedule a private consultation with attorney Darrell T. Farr today. Call (404) 964-6056 or send a message through this website.

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