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Apartment/Hotel Rapes or Attacks Injury Lawyer

Owners and/or managers of public properties, like apartment buildings or hotels, have a responsibility to provide reasonable precautions for the safety of guests and visitors. If someone incurs a personal injury on their property and appropriate measures were not taken to provide a measure of safety, the property owner or manager can be legally liable. This is especially true in the event of a rape or other vicious physical attack. These premises liability cases can be tricky legal territory, so you want the services of a seasoned professional like Darrell T. Farr to protect your rights.

For example, if you suffered a physical attack or rape in a dark, unlocked stairwell of your apartment building, the property owner or manager could be held responsible. Could better lighting and a locked or protected exit door possibly prevented your attack? A judge or jury could conclude that better lighting and locked doors may have kept you safe.

Stockbridge Rape or Attack Victims Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the case of a rape or another vicious personal attack that causes harm, you may be eligible to file a premises liability lawsuit and receive compensation for damages from the property owner or manager. Due to the heinous nature of such attacks, you need a compassionate, yet aggressive, personal injury lawyer to spearhead your case and pursue your claim.

Henry County personal injury attorney Darrell T. Farr has practiced law in the state of Georgia since 1991, and he has the skill and experience you need for a rape or attack premises liability lawsuit. Attorney Darrell Farr can review your case and inform you of the possible legal options in a confidential consultation at his Stockbridge, GA, office. Call or message him online today to schedule a meeting to discuss your claim.

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